Rabu, 04 April 2012


http://homezwork.com/-122221.htmMake a blog on Blogger
in English (If difficulties copy & paste articles
available free on the internet, for example: EzineArticles, ArticleCity,
etc.). The reason I recommend pake blogspot because according to many
experience has proved to be easier than previously
we already have a site / blog has been good and have high traffic.
Another reason for Blogger is a part of Google so that Google will mengutamakannya.

Use Gmail email, if you do not have Gmail please register first. My message is do not give up, because in order to sign up for Google Adsense and easy bother at first but after many failed attempted continue finally accepted as well. I own up to 4x register can only approve by Google, so before applying first noticed about his blog is good or not?

Keep the length of its news content of at least 4 articles and eg make shotbox, we can also insert video (can be taken on Youtube or Google). Where necessary we may ask for opinions from friends who have succeeded in the field of AdSense, the point we need to know if he thought our blog was worthy or not.

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